ARTE Y TAPAS showcases local chefs who are passionate about their creations.  

Culinary Artists collaborate with our Performance and Visual Artists to create each unique and delicious event. 

ARTE Y TAPAS - Thessaly, GREECE August 23

Pteleos, Thessaly, Greece

ARTE Y TAPAS debuts in Thessaly, Greece on Friday August 23rd!

Join us for an intimate evening of Live sets of music by La Gente SF, Tapas by Jessica Anne Hendrick of LOVAGE Cooking and Visual Art by Joshua Coffy!

LIVE MUSIC: LA GENTE SF has created a unique blend of World Music, Cumbia, Reggae, Salsa, Hip-Hop & Reggaeton, fusing together rhythms and cultural influences from all over the Caribbean with a distinct Bay Area flavor and style.

FOOD: Tapas by LOVAGE will highlight the local cheeses, honey, and Mediterranean vegetables from the local farmer's market as well as grown in the onsite herb and nightshade garden.

VISUAL ART: On exhibition will be artwork and custom prints by incredible California artist Joshua Coffy!

DONATION-based event: help us cover the costs by donating whatever you please ♥ Limited seating, advance RSVP to

Join us in celebrating our 8th year of live musical performance events featuring visual artworks and delicious food!!!

Current Featured Culinary Artist: LOVAGE Cooking
Events Director and Executive Chef Jessica Anne Hendrick founded LOVAGE Cooking and currently has headquarters in San Francisco, California and Thessaly, Greece. She holds a culinary degree from Bauman College of Culinary Arts & Holistic Nutrition, has over a decade of experience in the SF restaurant and events industries, and now has almost 5 years specializing in artisan cheesemaking and cheesemongering. Jessica promotes sustainable and delicious cuisine and offers catering, event planning & production services, culinary classes and tours worldwide!