ARTE Y TAPAS celebrates visual artists each with unique vision and techniques for observation and expression. 

ARTE Y TAPAS had the honor 2.11.17-2.14.14 to promote Acción Latina and El Tecolote newspaper for the 4th Annual Latino Life, a photo exhibit showcasing the diversity of the Latino experience via the lens of some very talented up-and-coming photojournalists.

Conceived, created and curated by El Tecolote’s photo editor Mabel Jimenez, with the intention of recognizing all of the talented photographers who volunteer their time for our newspaper, this is the only ongoing photography event in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to showing the Latino experience.

Given the recent election results and the subsequent backlash against communities of color, this year’s exhibit takes on an added significance. We hope to convey through our images a message of resistance against the forces that seek to oppress our existence and negate our contributions to this country. And to portray the harsh realities our community deals with —homelessness, deportations, police brutality— and how we rise above it. We want our images to say, “We’re still here, and we aren’t going anywhere.” “Aquí estamos, y no nos vamos.”

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ARTE Y TAPAS is hosting FREE community potluck events on Wednesdays January 29th and February 5th! Break bread with artists, activists and community organizers committed to energizing voters and creating unprecedented voter turnout in the primary and general elections.